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Today I was thrilled to go shopping for my mother. I think I like being surrounded by produce, by some odd reason. I like to nom on the veggies while I am choosin whether to buy them or not. Mostly, I like looking at stuff. I like looking at things I would love to buy but my stupid OCD never lets me to buy it. I also miss the fire-like cheetos they used to sell at S-Mart. I used to get those at the old house and eat them with cream and/or nacho cheese. When I was hungry at 3 am or when I was calmly at home during  a lazy Sunday afternoon. I sort of miss that.

Next Friday I will go with my 9th graders to celebrate Student's Day. They decided that they wanted to go to the pool. And since they have to be protected with plastic, they rented a private place. I woul dhave loved it if we went to San Jorge or another public pool. It's much more fun to share..

Alas! This is something they will have to explore some other time! Also, David Letterman broadcasts his final show tonight. I never watched his show. I never found him funny. At all.

 For now, it's day three...

Day Three. Oldest Song you Love

From 1920, Carlos Gardel, "Mano a Mano".

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Miss Panda
I really would like to take a moment here and say that even though hell and high water are arriving into town, into people's lives and into other not so grateful news, I really don't feel a bit empathic towards them. And I feel bad, I do. Children killing children, indiference swimming about. It's like a world social climate boom... I don't know. Maybe I'm just too disconected to the real world because I have to or else I go crazy, maybe I'm just denying in order to continue living in aworld away from the world. Too many personal problems to care about the other's. Too many scars to carry around yours.


Angie and I had sushi yesterday and we were sort of shocked to see how we both cannot stop being friends. We're always in each other's  minds and hopes for a happy future. I am glad she has found an enjoyable work. And I am slowly working on to mine. One day, one day.

In the Meantime...

I missed yesterday's challenge. I realize that. And I want to keep up. So, today I will do day two and so on. I don't wanna do two songs in one day, because that sort of defeats the purpose of it hahaha

So today's Song...

John Lennon's Cover 
"Stand by Me"
Original song: Ben King

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Miss Panda
It's been quite the week. Today is a Lazy Sunday and I am reminded of how much I enjoy witchy shopping. I got some new candles and incense and I even got me a new pentagram which I am purifying as of right now.

If all goes as planned, I will be starting to write some stories soon. I am sort of psyched. I am still not sure if to write them here or what. I will opt in the "or what" category because I know myself far too much to be angry at me for not pulling through. One month left of school and I am already making plans.

1. I want to take a break from teaching.
2. I want to get back to the full feeling of writing.
3. I want to get purged from all evil (facebook)
4. I do want to get myself a new computer. This one is the school's computer. I still owe them a laptop (I am still not sure on how the hell I am gonna pay them that)

I will see Angie tomorrow. It's been almost a year.

:) Good vibrations. I want to start this blog with something I haven't done in a while.. I will start with the new 30 days of music challenge. I got this new list from a page...  So... I wanna start yes?

Favourite song with a colour in the title

Ice House -- "Electric Blue"

I find this song to be quite cool. Yeah, I know, I am retro. Who cares. I sure don't :P

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Miss Panda
Suena la campanada de las doce y Alvaro se levanta. Es la hora en que debe dejar entrar a las hadas por la ventana de la recamara de su hermana. A ellas les gusta eso. Su madre se enoja y le reta, dejandolo sin postre o sin ver su programa favorito de television. Alvaro se enoja, patalea y deja de hablarle a la tonta de mama. Ella no se ha dado cuenta de que las hadas se han llevado a su hermana y cada noche, al dar la campanada, vienen a dejarle un recuerdo. Una carta. Un cabello. Lo que sea. Alvaro no quiere olvidarla. 
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Miss Panda
Hello there. Glad to see all of you again. I am back. I am planning to keep this blog up and running again for the sole reason that I need a way to spill everything out or else I will go insane.

I have opted to take in a new job. Three weeks in and I am already regretting it. Not because it's hard. It's because I hate wishy-washy people and the owners of the school are just that. I guess I should have seen it coming when the other school's coordinators sort of gave me this look that said, oh you poor soul. I will need to get out of there as soon as I can. Really. Like, waiting for a better offer or something.

I honestly want to cry. Like, severely. I want to just cry and cry and just drink a bucket of poison and get the fuck thing over with. I guess I have been dealing with all this baggage and I don't know what to do with it. Or without it. Isn't that strange? I think that the more I don't want to deal with it, the more I have to deal with it. But I never believed in psychologists. And I never believed in talking about my problems with other people. So, basically, I feel like I am severely screwed.

But let's review what is enstored for me tomorrow:
1. Sarahi, the other director, getting pissed because of the dentists who can't go. It's not really my fault that they can't do this. Is it? But in a way and in their view, it is.
2. The whole planning thing. I got stuck with crappy lazy teachers or I am the one who is not hard enough on them? I need guidance. From someone who tells me how to do things and how to say the right things. Like, seriously. And I need to feel less like a moth and more like a person. I don't know.
3. The whole superhero thing? This is just so that the owner gets her PhD and it fucks with my mind.
4. I fucking hate my life at this point.

What do I want to do?

Get writing. And outside HO. I want to write my crap. And I need to start feeling like I can do things. OR else I think I might just blow my brains out and go visit John Lennon for a while. 
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